GSoC 2018 with Debian - Week 4 Progress

Creating IRC Nickname Registration script, worked on mailing list subscription and learned contacts/calendar protocols

Posted by Minkush Jain on June 11, 2018 • 2 min read

Here is what I did in this week:

  • Made script to automate the ‘new nickname registration on IRC’ process for a user, using freenode server.

  • created a script to create new Github account for the user using Selenium.

  • made further changes to improve the merge request[1] for previous tasks.

  • Researched on finding the best solution for contact management for a user. Read about feasible options are Cardbook and SoGo Frontend Extensions for Thunderbird for contacts and Lightning extension for Calendar and scheduling.

  • Gone through CardDav/CalDav Protocols and DAVdroid app for understanding ways to implement them in our project.

IRC Nickname

I created a script to register new nickname for a user on IRC, using socket programming. I had some previous experience with sockets and transfering data on a client/server model from a Raspberry Pi.

Working demonstration video for the script:

Mailing List Subscription

I further improved the script from my application task and wrote the Python scripts for automating the mailing list subscription process for ten important Debian lists. It also includes the automated reply-process for confirmation. I uploaded them on my forked repository on Salsa.

I suggested appropriate GUI for the mailing list task:

• There should be a list of all the Mailing List names with a short description about them written below them. I have attached a text file containing the description of the mailing lists.

• There should be a “Subscribe” button beside every list. A confirmation should pop-up asking the user to cancel or go forward with it.

• If proceeded, another window should open with a text box where the user will enter the confirmation code received in mail. Finally the user will get subscribed.

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